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Have you been frustrated by 3PL's who:

  • Are not accepting new customers

  • Never email you back

  • Eat into your profitability

  • Don't help you solve Amazon problems

  • Have overly complicated fee structures

  • Make your life harder, not easier

Make the decision to create an

easier and more profitable business

Save Time and Money for your Amazon Business

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Save 13% compared to Amazon's storage prices.

Capitalize on larger order quantities and lower prices with your suppliers.

Drip inventory into Amazon to minimize the chance of going Out Of Stock and maximize your IPI score.

Being an Amazon Seller can be stressful. With Seller Success Logistics you get a partner who cares about your success. Get great communication AND a better price.

Warehouse Workers

Being an Amazon Seller is HARD.

We know problems arise often.

Do you need help with returns, poor customer reviews, or an "action plan"?

Let us show you how we can SOLVE your business problems!


$0.65 per cubic foot per month

Forwarding to Amazon

$1 per carton SPD 


$15 per pallet LTL


Starting at $1.50 per unit.

We will fulfill your products FBM or through any ecommerce platform.

How it works

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Warehouse Shelves


Where is your warehouse located?
Our warehouse is located in Tulsa, Oklahoma - in the very center of the US.
A few of the pros of our location compared to California 3PL's:
  • Cheaper real estate = cheaper prices for our customers. Our competitors charge $3.75-$4 per carton for forwarding, we charge $1.
  • Save time with faster Amazon check-in times compared to California. 
  • Cheaper shipping to fulfillment centers - most of our orders go to FTW1 in Dallas and have very cheap shipping rates through Amazon Partnered Carriers.
Why should I trust you to handle my goods?
  • We are happy to sign non-disclosure agreements for sellers who are worried about intellectual property being stolen or copied.
  • We hold enough insurance to cover 100% of the goods under our roof. In case of theft, fire, or other natural disasters, your business is covered.
  • We are always available to discuss your business needs. Shoot us an email any time at
  • 48hr movement of your goods, guaranteed! We've achieved 24hr movement of goods since we've been in business.
Why do I even need a 3PL?
Amazon placed inventory limits on nearly all sellers in 2020. Due to this change, most new sellers can only send 200 units into Amazon. The problem that most Amazon sellers run into is that suppliers have a minimum order quantity (MOQ) of much more than 200 units, but you can't send all your inventory into Amazon.
Let's say you have to order 500 units - what do you do with the 300 extra units? That's where we come in - we will store and forward your goods to Amazon. As you make sales we will "drip" inventory into Amazon.
Having a 3PL allows you to make larger MOQ orders, which lowers your cost per unit. "Dripping" your inventory into Amazon reduces the risk of going out of stock and increasing your IPI score (Amazon's inventory performance index).
Are you worried about returns, quality issues, or the many other risks in Amazon or eCommerce businesses? 
We are the 3PL who solves problems 
at a price you will love!