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About Us

With Seller Success Logistics storing, forwarding, and fulfilling for your eCommerce brand...

You get a 3PL that Solves Problems at a price you will love.

Our Core Values

Add Value

 We are passionate about serving eCommerce Entrepreneurs.

Always Improving

We get better and faster every day so that we can pass savings on to you.


Some people work harder, some work smarter, some work longer. We do all three.


We do more with less.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

If you aren't satisfied with something, we will fix it, make an adjustment or cheerfully give your money back.

Can I be vulnerable and transparent with you? 

Right now we are 5 guys in a warehouse...
But guess what?...

5 guys in a warehouse can beat the big 3PL prices!

Get a quote and find out!

About Us

Hi, I'm Eric - the founder of Seller Success Logistics. 

I'm the Industrial Engineer turned eCommerce seller who finally got fed up with other 3PL's with their:

  • Minimum shipment sizes

  • Slow turnaround times

  • Poor communication and customer service

  • Outrageous prices

  • Obviously bad systems

I created a logistics company specifically for eCommerce and Amazon Sellers to fix all these problems!

We have a 15,000 sq ft. warehouse and are only working with a handfull of eCommerce sellers to offer the best 3PL experience.


Request a quote and save your spot now before we stop accepting new customers. ​​

IMG_2359 (1).JPG

No minimum shipment size

We love working with all Amazon sellers - new or large.

Fast service

2 business day movement of your goods guaranteed

Great communication

We always email you back

Simple pricing 

We don't nickel and dime you to death.

Best pricing model for Sellers 

We know your business is heavy in upfront expenses - get some of the cheapest receiving, storage, and forwarding fees in the industry.

Great storage rates 

10% cheaper than Amazon storage fees Q1-Q3 and 50% cheaper Q4. Plus no long term storage fees.

Save money! - Save 47% on average compared to our top competitors!

Pricing Comparison

Please email me at today to discover the Seller Success difference. I'd love the chance to earn your business.


I wanted to touch on TRUST one more time. I like doing business with friends and people I can trust - you deserve to know who you are doing business with too.

You can trust me because:

  • I'm an outspoken Christian and believe that should impact the way I do business. 

  • I did the Amazon business so I know what you are going through. I didn't love the sourcing part of the business, but I did love the logistics part. I saw the opportunity to help other Amazon sellers with a great 3PL experience - as opposed to the awful 3PL experiences I went through as an eCommerce Seller.

  • I'm focused 100% on growing my 3PL business (not the Amazon business) and promise to never rip off, steal, or copy your products. I'm happy to sign NDA's if requested.

  • I'm an industrial engineer - this warehouse and logistics stuff is the stuff I love to do.

  • I'm in this for the long haul - I signed a 5 year lease on my warehouse space. I burned the ships and I'm all in.

  • If that sounds like a partnership you are interested in, get a quote today.

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