With Amazon's inventory limits on Sellers, every Amazon Seller needs a 3PL you can trust that won't eat into your profitability.

With Seller Success Logistics storing, forwarding, and fulfilling your products, you get a partner you can trust at a price you will love.

Our Core Values

  1. Add Value - We are passionate about serving Amazon Entrepreneurs.

  2. Always Improving - We get better and faster every day so that we can pass savings on to you.

  3. Grit - Some people work harder, some work smarter, some work longer. We do all three. 

  4. Frugality - We do more with less.

  5. Satisfaction Guaranteed - If you aren't satisfied with something, we will fix it, make an adjustment or cheerfully give your money back. 

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About Us

Can I be vulnerable and transparent with you? 

Right now I'm one guy in a warehouse...

But guess what?...

One guy in a warehouse can beat the big 3PL prices!

Get a quote and find out!

Hi, I'm Eric - the founder of Seller Success Logistics. 

I'm the Industrial Engineer turned Amazon seller who finally got fed up with other 3PL's with their:

  • Minimum shipment sizes

  • Slow turnaround times

  • Poor communication and customer service

  • Outrageous prices

  • Obviously bad systems

I created a logistics company specifically for Amazon FBA Sellers to fix all these problems!

We have a small warehouse and are only working with approximately 150 sellers to offer the best 3PL experience.

  • No minimum shipment size - We love working with all Amazon sellers - new or large.

  • Fast service - 2 business day movement of your goods guaranteed

  • Great communication - We always email you back

  • Simple pricing - We don't nickel and dime you to death

  • Best pricing model for Sellers - We know your business is heavy in upfront expenses - get some of the cheapest receiving, storage, and forwarding fees in the industry.

  • Great storage rates - 10% cheaper than Amazon storage fees Q1-Q3 and 50% cheaper Q4. Plus no long term storage fees.

  • Save money! - Save 47% on average compared to our top competitors! (see picture below)

Please email me at eric@sellersuccesslogistics.com today to discover the Seller Success difference. I'd love the chance to earn your business.

I wanted to touch on trust one more time. Since I am such a small operation, I believe you should know who you are doing business with.


You can trust me because:

  • I'm an outspoken Christian and believe that should impact the way I do business. 

  • I did the Amazon business and didn't love it, but I saw the opportunity to help other Amazon sellers with a great 3PL experience - as opposed to the awful 3PL experiences I went through as an Amazon Seller.

  • I'm focused 100% on growing my 3PL business (not the Amazon business) and promise to never rip off, steal, or copy your products.

  • I'm an industrial engineer - this warehouse and logistics stuff is the stuff I love to do.

  • I'm in this for the long haul - I signed a long-term lease on my space. I burned the ships and I'm all in.

  • If that sounds like a partnership you are interested in, get a quote today.

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