We think we found the best pricing model to serve Amazon Entrepreneurs like yourself. 

Storage & Forwarding to Amazon


Q1-Q3 = $0.65 per cubic foot per month

Q4 = $1.30 per cubic foot per month

Long Term Storage = No Increase

Loose Carton Receiving = $1 per Carton
Loose Carton Forwarding = $1 per Carton

LTL (Pallet) Receiving = $15 per Pallet
LTL (Pallet) Forwarding = $20 per Pallet

Receiving and Forwarding Includes:

  • Pictures of your shipment and documentation of any damage that occurred during shipping

  • Attaching shipping labels to your FBA Shipment

  • Cost of Palletizing (if needed) - Shrink wrap and LTL labels

  • Setting up pickup with the carrier

  • Guaranteed 2 business day movement of your goods

To calculate the cost of storage:

Take carton dimensions in inches [(length x width x height) * (# of cartons) / 1728] * Cost per cubic foot per month

Example: (21.25in x 13.38in x 13.38in) * 50 cartons / 1728 = 110 cubic feet

110 cubic feet * $0.65 per cubic foot per month = $71.55/month

Fulfillment Services

FBM or any Ecommerce Fulfillment = $2.00 per unit
Oversize (over 24in x 24in x 22in) = Contact us for a custom quote
Shipping: Contact us to get a quote for shipping costs
Please email us at and we can give you quotes for shipping costs.
If using our Fulfillment Services, you get VIP monthly storage rates of $30 per pallet per month!


And other major ecommerce platforms... 

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Value Added Services


Amazon Returns and Removal Orders:

Receiving Fee for Removal Order:

  • $1.00 per box received from Amazon for 1 SKU

  • $1.50 per box received from Amazon for 2+ SKUs

Inspection and Prep to Re-sell Fee: $2 per unit

Putting Units in a New Carton for Forwarding to Amazon: $5 per carton

Forwarding Fee to Amazon: $1 per carton or $20 per pallet

À-la-carte Services:

FNSKU Barcode Labelling: $0.25 per label

Polybagging & FNSKU Barcode Labelling: $0.75 per unit

Putting Units in a New Carton: $5 per carton

Product Photography: Starting at $200 & 1 week turnaround once we receive your goods

Please email us at and we can give you a quote for specific photography needs.